Enlightenment Not

(This was originally posted on January 5, 2012 on my former blog.)

Aloha my friends,

Along with the recognition that I have no self, no me, no I, is also the sureness that I am not enlightened. Great. Nor am I what I was before realizing no-self. Double Great.

So, what is happening? More presence, for sure. This translates into being in the moment with less and less hooking onto thought. I’m also having less confusion about how to ‘be’ in my skin. All to the good.

There is a deepening recognition that having no I or me is an open door rather than a destination. It can lead to… more. That’s what has got me curious now, this moreness. I am looking into it… *big smiles*.

Meanwhile, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a little video from the folks at Liberation Unleashed. 

Bye for now, lotsa love,



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  1. Hi Lisa,

    Your videos really touched me at a place deep in my heart and I can’t help but keep watching them again and again. I wish you can guide through this gateless gate! Thank you.


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