One Story at a Time

Aloha, friends.

Never in all the other wild dreams was it imagined that this would be the life I would now be living.  Only was it imagined that at this point there would be wiseness, contentment, a sense of  arrival. Silly me.

Here’s the deal: two non-abiding awakenings have occurred, altering how all is seen and experienced. One of the main recognitions is that all bets are off in every experiential and perception category.

No longer are thoughts spontaneously seen as they had been. Feelings cannot be experienced with all the old assumptions automatically attached. Other people, nope, lost sight of what they were thought to be. Circumstances, situations… they are all viewed from a new angle. What has happened? And… will it grow? is it permanent? Would that be welcome?

It has been directly recognized that I MADE UP A STORY about each and every thing that crossed my inner and outer paths, and have always done so. No way was anything seen as it was. All were immediately overlaid with whatever ideas and preconceptions and prejudices that came up about them.  

This is seen to have occurred because no attention was given to the fact of something actually happening. It was a knee-jerk auto-pilot reaction. See, hear, touch, think of something and whoosh! it morphed into what I believed about it, with no recognition of the morph. I would then go on my merry oblivious way, believing every single bit of what was thought to be real.  

I have come to understand this is what I have always done. As have we all. It is a process to which we have been completely conditioned; it’s what we are taught and in no position to refuse, as it begins shortly after birth and is concreted in just by being a small child alive on the planet. 

This was such a powerful recognition that although the experience of it has faded, the truth of it has not. It is seen now that each thought, feeling, sensation, and perception of the outer world gets overlaid with my story, my ideas about them. And then I think the ‘about’ is the ‘reality’. Hmm… this smells suspiciously like an ‘It’s all about me‘ story.

So, back to the questions. Will this continue, as in: will it grow?  Well… guess I cannot predict the future. Ha! But I can say that there is a new depth of peace, and certainly more joy. So I intend to carry on here  because this is VERY welcome, which implies SOME sort of future with this reality as a constant, and flowing into more of itself, perhaps.

Will it last? Can I count on it? Possibly. This is because ‘it’,  life in a new reality, seems dependent upon only my acknowledgement of it. And that happens when I drop the story, the identification with what those made-up fantasies say about thoughts, feelings…all of it, including the new reality. Without a story about everything, there’s a lot less risk of choosing to be in a relationship with my own crap. Yup. And without the crap, a deeper possibility that what awaits might be… anything at all. 

Finally, there is the recognition that it is totally within my power and ability to keep on dropping story stuff. Yes, I slip, I fall, I forget. Yes, I remember, I stand, I joy. All verbs. All dynamic and open to new flows.

I’m goin’ for it.

Thanks for being here with me.

Much love,



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  1. I’m so very excited for you Lisa and also very excited that you are posting your experience for all of us to share in. I feel a great resonance with what you’re sharing and very much look forward to your next posting!



  2. I’m curious if you still dream? If so, what are your dreams like? Thanks so much for sharing with us.

    • Aloha, Timary… good to hear from you! Just the other night I dreamed of a good friend, and her hair was suddenly much longer than in real life, and that woke me up! Haha!

      Everything here is still the same. I see it differently than before, that’s all. This leads to a different experience of these ‘same’ things, but no lack of being human. Never a lack of that, I’m betting.


  3. HI Lisa!

    Yes, the overlay of wooosh belief on the happenings is profound when the dreamer is dreaming–it’s what the toltecs called the mitote–seeing the naked unadorned reality of what is through the blearly eyed lense of the mind (thinkings and feelings, history and memory, fear and conditioning). I love your honesty–it jumps right out off the page, apparent and naked. xo

    • Honesty… thanks… I was raised with the invisible code of ‘never ever tell’ permeating everything. The deep truths were taboo. Perhaps that is why as an adult I kept on ‘telling my story’ (*smile*) over and over; just trying to make it OK to even speak.

      The new reality of life that’s here is changing all that big time. Yay! Thanks Lori… Hugs

  4. Lisa,
    I am not sure how I stumbled across your blog but I am so delighted to have done so! Grace!
    Your video really helped me as I have been experiencing various degrees of awakening from bliss to toal disorientation, extreme kundalini and at times was somewhat frightened of it, the unknowing I guess. But having watched your pleasure, love and expression it has brought ease within the body to not fight but to surrender.
    Thank you so much for the love you have shared.

    • Aloha and yay! YOU and the others having the same direct experiences are why this blog is here, out of the desire to share what might serve. So many of us are now beginning this shift in a very obvious way. Glad that my similar experiences are helpful. Reading Adyashanti’s ‘The End of your World’ feels very supportive here. It addresses a lot of things I was trying to muddle through, without much success.

      Thanks for sharing and please keep me posted on how things ‘go’… *smiles*


  5. Hi Lisa,

    Did/do you have the experiences of Kundalini? In this “story” the K is quite strong, esp. in my head but it is from toes to head. It has been going on for quite some time. It disrupts any thinking/work I am trying to do. It is so intense, it wakes me up. It just gets stronger and stronger every day, going on now since 2007. It is affecting my life. I know it is a blessing but wowy zowy! 24/7……exhausted.


  6. Hi Deb….Yes, Kundalini started for me in the spring of ’08. Continues now. Not intense but very noticeable and consistent. Occasionally it IS intense.

    Hugs back!

    • Hi Lisa,
      May I ask what do you do when it is intense? Sometimes it “knocks” me out, sometimes I can’t sleepbecause it is so loud. I am not sure what “I” am supposed to do when it is intense. I realize as “I” watch it, that there is energy and there is an observer but I am really confused as to what to do. Guess that is the ego wanting to take part. It’s truly affecting my life.

      Immense gratitude, I watch your video daily.

      • Hi Deb, What happens to me with K is not affecting my life, it only lasts for a bit then gone until the next time.

        However, from seeing that you speak about an observer, perhaps fully recognizing that there is not a self to whom this can be disruptive would be helpful.

        If so, you can click the link I have on the upper right to ‘Liberation Unleashed’.
        Without an ‘I’, everything experienced is experienced differently.


      • Thank you!!!! Aha, to whom is this happening? Hello! Will go to LU now.

        Thank you for the pointer and direction!

        Love Deb

  7. Deb, once you have asked Ilona for ‘Posting Rights’ at LU, let me know. If you’d like, I will signup to be your guide. If you prefer someone other, no problem at all.


    • Woohooo, I have requested posting rights and sent a brief message to Ilona. Would love to have you as my guide!

      • I have put up a thread for us,Deb it is called ‘ Here for no self, DEB’. My username is Anki.

        Once you have posting rights, go to the ‘One-on-One Forum found under Board Index. Look at the different subject lines until you find the one that is ours. Say hello to me there, then if you have not done so, check out some of the completed conversations that led to a realization of no self. These are on the Board Index under ‘Liberations’. This will give you a feel for what we do there.

        Looking forward to seeing you there, Deb!

        Much love,

      • Great! Thank you! i also went to Barnes and Nobles and picked up Adya’s book, The End of Your World” So excited to work with you!

        Thank you so much!
        HUGS< hugs, hugs

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