More Naked

Aloha my friends,

This is an experiment.

I recently wrote about communicating with deep honesty (‘Totally Naked Truth’).  Following that post came ‘Letting Be‘, after which there was a niggling discomfort in my stomach; a persistent yet subtle sense of ‘Uh oh’. Know that one?

Inquiry was brought to the forefront and it was discovered that something in the ‘Letting Be’ post did not live up to the high standard set forth in ‘Naked Truth’. Some of what was written might have been Lisa polishing up her image. Or perhaps a prescription: ‘Here’s your medicine. Swallow.’ OK. So be it. What next?

What indeed. Vacillation between dismissal and attending to it. When confusion entered the fray, I decided to let it rest for a bit. It came back up just now, so here we are.

I am going to re-write the numbered points from ‘Letting Be’, going more deeply into the stripped down translucence that could be waiting. There is no huge judgment that the original points were wrong or superficial. Rather it is the on-going feeling that they just could have been more pertinent or revealing,  or perhaps less … ?? Not sure here. So let’s see what happens.


Later: OK. Did it. It took some focused looking and a couple of times I was not sure where the glitch was until I’d sat with it for a while. If you are utterly fascinated perhaps re-read ‘Letting Be’ (assuming you’ve already read it, aren’t I?) for the updated points, because that’s what I did with them. I took out the originals, put in the updates. I thought at first I’d put them here, but that was overkill.

Why is this such a big deal, this grinding down until translucence is achieved? Because somehow it is very uncomfortable for an insufficient truth to be said. Before letting go of the myth of self it seemed OK for a whole slew of reasons, some of them even ‘good’ (Ha!), to be less than 100%… now it just isn’t.

Also, I have had enough of evasion and distortion, however mild or strong either may have been. So I’m focusing pretty heavily on finding the deepest truth I can, and this blog gives me the perfect medium in which to express that. Thanks for hanging in there with me! It’s so darn cool to know that there is a willing audience; that those who like, keep going; those who don’t, drop off. Perfect.

See you soon for more about the non-abiding awakenings that have been happening. That’s what is the most current and of highest interest here.

Much love,


PS: Thanks, Lori Ann, for the question about #5 in the original post. It helped me gain more clarity.


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  2. Muchas gracias! I am delighted at your transparent reporting. Hugs. Lori Ann

  3. Lisa, what does it mean that you stopped channeling once you awoke? Was it the asleep authentic self (Higher self?) that you were actually channeling rather than a Higher Being? Or does my question even make sense? I feel like I used to in grade school when trying to learn a new math concept and not quite getting it…thanks for your help.


  4. Hi Timary! Well.. first of all I am not ‘awake’. I am in recognition of having no personal self. My definition of awake includes that as well as ‘more’, e.g., an ongoing sense of oneness, spaciousness, no identification with thought, etc. The awakened experiences that have been, have all dissipated to one degree or another, leaving residual awareness. So, non-abiding waking up times, with ‘leftovers’. :))

    I stopped channeling immediately after recognizing, in a big way, that there was no ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘self called Lisa’. There was simply no longer the impetus, the urge. Each time I check back with that = no urge. I look and find nothing. Sometime in the near fugue when things slow down a bit I might look into this further.

    I’m not sure what you are asking in your question, Timary, and to what you are referring as higher self, higher being. So not much help there, am I?

    Good to hear from you again.


    • Thanks for your reply Lisa. I understand about there being no permanent ‘Timary’, no separate self that exists within this body – that ‘Timary’ is only a collection of ever changing thoughts. I understand this intellectually but not yet in a ‘knowing’ sense I guess. Do your ‘Lisa’ contructs still ‘sneak in’ at times or have they permanently dissipated? I guess I need to get over to the Liberated website. :). Thanks so much. Timary

      • Oh, and by ‘higher self’ I suppose I am refering to that sense of oneness, of unity consciousness.

      • I agree, Timary… the LU website might really be of benefit to you.

        The ‘Lisa construct’ is what is called ‘I’ and yes, it does pop in. Identifying with thought does this… Remembering there is NOT an ‘I’, and looking at the process in which it had jumped back in so to speak, is what dissipates it again.

        Never, ever, not even ONCE was ‘sense of oneness, unity consciousness’, at least as I have experienced them in the last month, present in any of the channelings. Not even a hint of it except for the massive and deep love that was present. So of course that is a component, but wow… what these non-abiding awakenings are was never even touched in channeling. And that is really saying something ‘cuz they were wonderful experiences for all concerned.

        Keep me posted on your ‘no self’ thing Timary… :))))


    • Hi Lisa! You wrote fugue (as in fugue state) instead of future…how funny is that! SInce trances are fugue states, and channelling happens in them. I don’t know why channelling has stopped here too, with me, and along with it the end of shamanic trance journies and visionary experiences that attend those journeys. yet, of interest with your channelled material and my own, there is a strong lean in the content toward recognition of true nature. In one of mine, it was even foretold that I would “wake up” in six months–which I did.

      I see you distinguishing between no-self recognition and waking up. Love to talk more about this with you off this forum. hugs, Lori Ann

      • FUGUE! oh hahahaha! Just before realizing no-self I had several months of recognizing the fugue states I’d been in intermittently throughout my life. So interesting that that idea surfaced here…

        Yes a LOT of stuff about our true nature came in the channeling. I had absolutely no idea what it would be, and now that I have tasted it, wow! could NEVER have guessed… :)))


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