Being Neo




In the movie ‘The Matrix’ everyone thinking themselves to be a human with a body in a real world is shown to be delusional, to say the least. All of them have bodies, yes, but they are hairless and fetal-curled, located in life-support pods attended by robots that make sure they are healthy and hooked to their individual energy transmitting cords. They are mammalian energy-producing units; their perceived ‘world’ a mind-inserted computer program, a virtual reality that runs 24/7 as their bodies coma. Within this false world they know not what they do, they only think they know.

Enter Neo, who is about to eject out of that imposed dream. When we meet him he’s just like all the rest, believing without a single doubt that his body and the world sensed around it are as real as it gets. He thinks he is a man of knowledge. He is not in the knowing of anything even remotely real. 

Enter next Morpheus and his gang, and the reality rubber really meets the road when they help Neo actually leave the ‘world’ to enter The World. After the red pill, he wakes up in his actual physical body, one of genuine flesh. Shortly thereafter he sees for himself the power plant pod-farm wherein his body had been stored, its perceptions locked into the virtual lie.

In the end, Neo experiences the computer code that underpins and permeates the program’s projected reality; it happens while he is a part of the program, faux body in faux world. He is then no longer capable of believing a single so-called fact of that false world other than the obvious one, which is that it is fake. He has seen the truth, and it murders every belief he has.

Herein lies the point: No one could have told Neo this, that his world was an illusory sham. No way could he simply have heard and then believe, much less know, that his entire life was a lie. He needed direct experience. And the having of it killed off his ability to buy into the lie ever again. He realized what it was. Return not possible, not even thinkable. How to paste together shattered thought, dead insanity, the noneness of dreaming? Can’t be done.

Another name for Neo’s journey is ‘Doing the Math’. This means not taking anyone’s word about truth. It doesn’t matter what others know; soaking it up won’t do you any good. Second hand knowing equals not knowing. It’s belief, and it’s worthless as far as truth is concerned.

Look. See. Add it up for yourself. Is your world what you think it is? Are you? Is anything?

Be Neo. Get out. Live in truth. Everything will look the same, only you will be different. Different how? Find out for yourself. Don’t take my word for it.

Ask the single question, and ask it about everything you think you know:

“Is it true?”

Be Neo. Be new. Be truth.


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  1. The only way to know the truth, for me, is to go within and ask my Higher Expression of life. Thanks for posting this. It’s wonderful and I love the photograph.

  2. Seeing is so hard – doubting and believing even harder. Lots of love kealoha.


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