From Fire to Flight

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The fire is out.

There’s been a lot of action here lately. I have felt like a walking conflagration. You know what this means: trial by fire, the scorching out of the untrue, undesired, untenable. For now, flames are down and the phoenix is rising. Yet again.

How things happen here are not a lot different than how they happen to most, I suspect. Misery begetting more of itself, or confusion or anger or whatever it happens to be. And then… enough. We are filled to the edges of tolerance with what we can no longer abide. The fire begins, it eats all the ready material, then banks down into coalhood. We resume regular living: changed, charged, perhaps even…. awake.

Awakening is now no longer questioned. Something has shifted, and vacillations have ended. In truth, these were only thoughts swinging from one end of the spectrum to the other. Awake? Asleep? Light, no light? It was nuts. And it’s over.

There is no ‘I’ and it’s irrefutable. Realization of what Is, equally so, and growing. The pendulum has ceased it’s huge oppositional movement and there’s no going back. There may be more fires, of course. No matter. None will ever again be able to knock out the knowing that I am, as are you, the Infinite: awake and aware here in this body/mind. The fire did its job.This is the future, and it is here and now. There is nothing other: no different moment exists, nothing else possible to be. This is It.

Next up, deepening. Awakening is wings and the territory awaits my flight.


Here’s a short video I made to go along with this post.



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  1. It’s so wonderful to have this shared – to watch an unfolding. It is so difficult to use words, what is said here helps! Mahalo KeAloha

  2. Lisa,
    It was lovely to see the “you” that is not “you” and witness what is coming through now, differently and radiantly.
    I have been reading Joel Goldsmith again after 25 years, this time The Art of Spiritual Healing which resonates with the message coming through you–only One, nothing else.
    And that experiencing and expressing that truth is what heals.


    • Healing here is showing up as the heart opening. So incredible for this former ‘head person’! Experiencing One is what is ‘doing’ it. Sweet.
      Wonderful to hear from you, Maridel. Hope you and Maui are One again in physicality soon!
      Much Love.

  3. Marvelous sharing as always. Jeshua Ben Joseph “The body is but a tool by which our Father extends love….the body itself can never receive love….but it can extend the love which forever emanates from its Source….our sole purpose is to BE the presence of love so that it may be shared through the joy and happiness radiating from it”.



  4. Jackie Paulson

    Wonderful post and I love the law of attraction at my new blog come visit me,


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