Missed, Until It’s Not



Recently written to a friend:

“It is seen so clearly that One is everywhere, all the time! Last week there was a huge awakening experience of the Absolute as the entirety of what is ‘here’. And so much belly laughing and tears at the obviousness of IT hiding in plain sight! Oh such joy!!! How could it not have been seen? How can anyone miss this? It’s so everywhere! And even now, with that time of direct experiencing faded, there is joy and knowing of the reality of IT here, everywhere, all the time. Such comfort and love…”

Oh indeed! How on earth is this missed? Who can say, other than when it’s time for it to be seen, it will. More and more of ‘us’ now coming into this. The seeing and knowing that IT, the Absolute, is present and accounted for, all the time, all the where.

It’s Reality, coming soon to a location near ‘you’. Or maybe already showing. Take a peek.


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  1. ..”It’s Reality, coming soon to a location near ‘you’. Or maybe already showing. Take a peek.”

    I love that !! Very well received. thanks! Johanne

  2. How do you relate this to the ‘no-self” bit? I say this with a smile, because of course the One Self is what is seen when the constructs fall way, including that of no-self…and it IS joy, delight, even ecstasy. Or is that here in my experience. No-self becomes a trap, a kind of passivity groove of no-doership and no-one-hereness. It misses the next step…….

  3. Hi Lori.. Yup, it was the ‘trap’, of no-self that seemed to be happening here… had to look at that… and then bam! Such delight… Hugs.

    • yes, it’s a step, like a base camp, the realization of what we are not (no self) …yet it follows that we must also see what we truly are, which is the totality (or true nature, call it whatever)…for me, the LU glitch kept showing up in people making the pointer the destination. I am so happy for your newfound clarity. big hug back

  4. Beautiful re~minder of what was once a constant, inherent “knowing”~ Once again re~membering the child like simplicity of just noticing What IS, without questioning~ As layer upon layer of conditioning pile up on top of *Reality* and the child falls asleep in the dream, the journey Home begins… Who we Are never went anywhere~ It is always Here~Now… hidden in plain sight~ :-) Love to you and Thank you for ***Be~Ing***~

  5. Thank you!! ‘Hiding in plain sight’… what a surprise that was… how wonderful to have seen it. Thank you for your thoughtful feedback.

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