Natural, Normal, and Everyone’s Favorite: Suffering

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Natural humans have less stuff covering up what they inherently are. Normal humans consider themselves to be persons; and that’s the biggest cover-up of all. There is no person typing these words; there is, however, a body/mind allowing conditioning to operate unimpeded by ‘thoughts about’. This lack of impediment allows the natural human to be present, and consciousness allowed free reign.

What’s key here is to understand that even before the non-existence of a personal ‘I’ or ‘me’ is seen, consciousness has free reign. Before lack of a me is known, there is still no me, no I running the show. And the show gets run, doesn’t it? Things are said, decisions made, work completed, activities undertaken. No I speaking, deciding, working, completing, undertaking anything. And it all happens just fine. Consciousness now operating under many fewer, or no, delusions. Sweet.

The natural human knows there’s no self, and doesn’t sweat it. The normal human thinks there is a self that needs safety, protection, money, love, etc.. and that those things must somehow be gotten from an uncooperative or even hostile world. Dropping what covers up natualness allows these incorrect ideas to dissipate, and so much ease and comfort to surface. To say nothing of allowing suffering to be seen as what it is.

More on this here, in my latest video.



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  1. You are a fresh breeze on full moonlit night! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, such joy!

  2. Thank you so much… so sweet!!

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Good to see you back again. I love the way you explain things on this video, which I’ve watched a couple of times. Do you speak about this stuff in public meetings? The words seem to come easily to you; maybe you should think about it at some point.
    ~ Paul

  4. Many thanks, Paul. I will have my first public talk in a few days and am very much looking forward to it. I find public speaking so fun. Thank you for your support! Hugs…

  5. Reply to Johanne – Vancouver

  6. Hi Lisa,
    If you would like me to forward Jeff Foster’s June newsletter, email me at: restinginawareness -at-
    ….and if I’m ever in Maui I’ll be sure to visit :)

  7. Thanks Paul! And of course… we would visit! :))))

  8. Hi Lisa,
    I have the pleasure of nominating you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. If you choose to accept the award, please follow the link to my post, and follow the instructions there. If you choose not to receive awards, please know that your blog is appreciated.

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  10. I love your site. Keep writing please!

  11. Awakened folks tend to laugh a lot. I see that joyful laughter is part of you. I like the idea of Natural person and think I am becoming that. Diamonds in the pocket–yes, like what Gangaji says also.


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