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In awakening, everything that comes into one’s field of awareness is significant. Key is recognizing that waking up is not about feeling good. It’s also not about choosing, eliminating, accentuating. It’s about what is.

Before the complete loss of identification with the illusion of a world and a me can be realized, there first must be acceptance of that very same thing. The rejecting or devaluing of this dream or anything that appears in it assures that it will continue to seem real. Acceptance of what is, on this level, means no judgment, merely a simple and complete washing over and into you of what is happening right now. It means an open acceptance of whatever shows up. No exceptions.

To inflate, revere, pursue, reject, minimize or denigrate is grasping or pushing away, both of which reinforce belief that this is the real deal. It’s not, and that must be clearly seen and embraced for awakening to continue to deepen. No rationalizations or judgments in either direction serve.

The only thing that serves here in this lovely untrue reality is to accept it all as it comes, at face value. Read nothing into it, for in actuality there is nothing there. It’s just appearing.

Paradoxically, acceptance of what is, is one of the huge results of awakening, yet to practice it beforehand is one of the few things that can facilitate waking up. Practice it.

The killer-factor is belief, which is what mind substitutes for truth. All belief centers on what we think about life, the world, humans. Drop thoughts about, embrace what is within your field via seeing it clearly, and simply allow existence with no additions or subtractions. Dive into it and see.

Awakening is right here, right now.

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Here’s a video I made that ties right in with this:



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