Reality, Right?

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Why the heck does anyone want to awaken? I can only speak to my own feeling about it: I wanted to get to the foundational root of existence. Pretty simple, not so easy in execution, or at least for a while it wasn’t.

Awakening is the most natural thing there is, as it is a conscious awareness of our true state. Reality, whether you consider it to be what is experienced here with our senses (existence itself) or to be what gives birth to existence, is all I focus on these days. Both are legitimate views, dependent only upon definitions and attitudes. And I find one calls to me more succinctly than the other.

Here’s my video answer to that call.



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  1. Another good one Lisa :)

  2. Very interesting. Nice to hear these thoughts and ideas. I often have the same ideas and views. Thanks for sharing. :)

    • What seems to really work here, Aspergers Girl, is to take this out of thought/idea, and into direct intuitive experiencing. What that looks like for me is to focus clearly on the idea and then gradually allow thinking to fade while a feeling arises… a gut or heart feeling. Then it seems like there’s lots of room to ‘explore’.
      Thanks for reading!


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