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Hi all. For any of you who have interest, I’ve written a reasonably short exposition of what it is that is resonating strongly with me these days. There is no idea that this is the right way and other ways wrong. Far from it. There are millions of paths, all unfolding perfectly. I am just incredibly grateful that I’ve found something that so irrevocably pulls me along. I am happy.

OK, here’s my current way to discuss this stuff…

Several pointers appeared and were subsequently released. They are, in order of appearance:

‘No me’, seen to be true and dropped, replaced by:

‘What is aware, if not a me?’ Answer: Consciousness is present and aware. Pointer dropped, replaced by:

‘What sees that consciousness is present and aware of itself?’ Answer: Awareness. Pointer dropped, replaced by:

‘What is aware, aware-ing?’ Answer: Nothing; no thing, being (noun), or entity of any kind. Could not go any further without another, different type of pointer, which was found to be:

‘I AM’, the well-known, if perhaps misunderstood (at least by me at first) pointer of the Indian sage, Nisargadatta. This is what I am now deeply pondering, and have made ‘progress’ using.

‘I AM’ in experiencing begins right here, right now, with the awareness of being conscious. ‘I AM’, deeply contemplated, is what is slowly revealing what consciousness is (the illusory many coupled with the mind-construct of time, perceived by those many, that are actually consciousness perceiving itself) and how it arises out of awareness, which is non-dual, eternal.

I’m following the ‘I AM’ pointer to it’s inevitable conclusion, to be eventually dropped. If there is ‘success’, taking its place will be something indescribable, which is often called Absolute, which is non-existent, and so cannot be known, experienced, even coherently discussed, etc., etc., yet somehow those things ‘happen’. Nisargadatta, among others, speaks from the embodiment (totally a contradiction in terms, impossible and yet there it is) of that Absolute.

My main clue in all of this is my complete confidence in direct intuitive experiencing, arising from deep within. It has simply never failed. My only other clue is the living trust I’m experiencing in those who ‘have gone before’. Just like the trust I had for my guide at Liberation Unleashed’s website, where I first realized there is no separate ‘I’.

All of the above is languaged within and as dual/manifestation; points to nondual/ineffable; and is the current best I can do. And it’s a joy even to try.


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  1. Confidence in one’s direct experience is definitely something that comes with awakening. Eventually all ‘pointers’ and concepts fall away, leaving a non-conceptual ‘knowing’. At least, that’s my experience….so far :)

  2. My experience, too, Paul. Pointers are only pointers. With the pointing that’s happening now there might be a long interval… but eventually it will be gone, too. Maybe it will ‘work’, maybe not. I actually don’t care. What I didn’t say in the post is that everything now is actually perfect, nothing to ‘do’, all unfolding so sweetly. :) Happy me.

  3. “And it’s a joy even to try” – brilliant!

  4. As usual, SO interesting … thanks for sharing your experience. It’s a good way to “look and feel”. Much Love… Johanne

  5. Aloha Lisa. And thank you again for all your wonderful posts, including this one while i was away (and yet very close to you). I spent a few days on the north side of Hawaii near Havi and saw wonderful Haleakala’s magnificence beaming above the clouds. I thought of you and your journey each time.

    Please know I thoroughly enjoy reading each and every one of your posts (and videos too). My journey seems to be a bit different in many ways (more of a feeling/allowing kind of a thing – impossible to put into words at this stage anyway), yet somehow the same.

    Love & Blessings to you…



  6. It is difficult to describe an indescribable thing, this living from a place of ‘direct intuitive experiencing arising from deep within”, but you have done a masterful job of it. I have spent 22 years in that place, learning and growing from exactly that point of view. I started writing about it late last year, and continue to contemplate the facets of this magnificent jewel we have labeled ‘consciousness’.

  7. You are welcome… it’s fun and a joy.

  8. Lisa I am nominating you for the One Lovely Blog Award – I find it a joy to read what you so honestly and eloquently share of your experience, and it is my hope that others will find your site and enjoy it as much as I. You are mentioned and linked to in my post here: http://sacredlanguage.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/thanks_everybody/

    With love,

    ~ Ben


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