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Hi all… been a while since I’ve written here, and I’d like to get back into the swing of it.

There were a lot of tumultuous times during the first months of this ‘awakening thing’. Almost all of it has settled down, and now there is  a stability that is very gratifying indeed. No more huge fireworks and earthquakes (disruptive and fun and confusing); in exchange, a quiet confidence that all is showing up just right. Meaning: everything always did show up that way, and now that is seen and recognized. Very sweet indeed!

No matter what circumstances, behaviors, words, or thoughts that come my way, there is acceptance. It’s all the great unfolding, and I can no longer find anything to judge or reject, as it’s all of a piece; it’s all oneness, the great I AM of consciousness showing up in its manifested form. No control here, and no longer any desire to have it. Whew! That’s a mouthful for a former totally committed Control Freak… !

Whatever shows up post awakening is exactly what takes us deeper. So my confusions, my clutching of dogma, my insistence that I’m right and you all are wrong, is such a gift. To all of us. And if I am quiet, fearful of what’s going on, nervous about speaking up because OMG I might be criticized… what a gift. I’m an asshole, I’m a saint, I’m clear, I’m muddy, I’m awake, I’m asleep…. I’m perfect and always was and always will be. Everyone is…. what shows up is irrelevant. It’s zero. It’s nothing. And it’s so beautiful, crazy, and just plain loved.

If nothing else ever happens here, this is enough. It’s more than enough. It’s the peace that depends on nothing at all. It just is.


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  1. Happy to read you .. once again sweet Lisa ! Thank you for your honesty and for being YOU… <3 Johanne

  2. So perfectly said: “It’s the peace that depends on nothing at all.” Beautiful


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