Billion Pound Burden, Gone for Good



Do you suffer? Are you having times of despair or confusion? Do you go back and forth between feeling high and optimistic to low and depressed? How about these: anger? sadness? resentment? Or the ultimate… fear?

To live with these is considered to be the natural state of the human condition. Not true. These are also assumed to be ‘just how it is, can’t really change them’. Wrong.

There is a belief you have that is at the root of this misery; it is called ‘I’. When it is seen that ‘I’ is not real, merely a thought, everything is perceived differently. Nothing on the outside changes, but oh, how all is seen differently!

When you were born there was no thought called ‘me’, ‘I’. That’s the natural human state, and it is compatible with the adult human. How to remove this unnecessary and trouble-causing thought? See it for what it is: an idea, believed to be fact.

If you need help with this, there is a volunteer organization available to do just that. Liberation Unleashed has guides to the territory of looking at thought; they can help you see what’s true and what is delusion, free of charge.

They helped me. I guarantee you that there is total clarity here now: not only is there no Lisa and never was, there is only the seeing of oneness. Nothing other is possible to see, once seeing is cleared up.

Here’s where to go: Liberation Unleashed


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  1. Thanks Lisa for this post. I can also say that Liberation Unleashed helped me as well to see through Johanne / I / me – it was already started if I can say but this process helped me to see something else within 2 days ! (thanks Ilona :-) ) I recommend LU to all – in fact another friend just suscribed to it. It’s a wonderful process to see who we are, … their name fits well Liberation Unleashed, it is !


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