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Are you a thought slave?

I was. I revered, obeyed, licked the boots of thoughts. There was a constant stream of them, and they were given constant attention.  I believed almost every single thing they told me, and they told me plenty. The vast majority of it turned out to be untrue but I did not see that.

And I was terrified of them. By not following the dictates of one thought, another would come along and create much unpleasantness over it. A particular type of hell is not too strong a description of some of it.

Guilt, remorse, shame, anger, sadness, depression… all the emotional result of thoughts believed, or thoughts ignored but secretly believed. It never occurred to me that they might be selling a bill of goods, that I might want to question them in any way. They seemed utterly compelling. 

How did I leave behind this deeply entangling and profoundly confusing rat’s nest? The first and biggest realization was triggered by seeing that the thoughts I’d accepted without question for forever were simply not correct. They were based in childhood, on a small girl’s distorted and fearful view of life, of what things meant; not on what things actually were, but on what they seemed to be and mean at the time.

I had literally taken a child’s thoughts and kept them safe and revered throughout the rest of life. To be sure, they became much more sophisticated, more intellectualized, more mature in their expression and my justification of them (which is just more thoughts). But they were essentially still the reflection of a child’s view, dressed up in adult clothing.

Seeing that made it obvious: thoughts had conjured a world, attributed motives and values and meanings to people and situations, and then added the extra bonus of judgments of Lisa and everyone else, to round it all out. Every bit of it imagined and then believed. Story after story after story.  

How much of this same is playing out in your life? Look carefully. If there are thoughts that say something should not be, or that something is supposed to be present that isn’t, and you buy into them, then thoughts are weaving their hypnotizing magic. If there is sadness, depression, anger, guilt, shame… there are thoughts embraced at their root.

When thoughts are telling us “This is How the World IS… or Is Supposed to Be”, then they are assuming the position of dictator in our life. And we give the power to do that via our constant attention and conscious or unconscious belief in them.

They speak. We listen. And then the games begin…

Look closely with a quiet mind for a moment: Where do thoughts come from? Can that place be located in your direct experience? Does it even exist? Where do they go? Is that place findable?

Really look, don’t just say they come from the mind and go into memory. What do you find? See thoughts for what they are. Look… what are they?

Why do this? Because until we are not, we are ruled by what we think. And what we think has nothing whatsoever to do with reality, neither the Ultimate one nor its inseparable mirror image of life in 3D. Oneness includes thoughts and is not affected by them. 

In fact, because thoughts are about our experience, rather than simply experiencing in and of itself, they can and do keep us from realizing our true nature, which is Ultimate. Thinking and the emotion it triggers become how we live. And we mistake that for what we are.

Thoughts are simply a part of life; they are not what determines what and how life shall be. Yet by giving them so much spontaneous attention and unquestioned belief, it seems that they then tell us what life is. Time to stop.

We can learn to allow thoughts to simply be, without giving them more weight than they warrant. The first step is seeing that thoughts are absolutely not… what we think they are. 

Don’t take my word on this, check it.






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  1. thanks Lisa! my thoughts may `get me` for being a fan, but leaving all that dense thought-field is my one aim.

  2. Lovely post Lisa – thanks as always for your insight and guidance!



    • Hi Brad… thanks for the thoughtful feedback. I don’t feel insightful as much as I feel I see… may be a small difference, but it makes all the difference. I’m always ‘looking’, so that seeing has the opportunity to make an appearance. Love and hugs.

  3. Just did 6 days of silent retreat. Thoughts ! Ugggh ! LOL ! Love your writing. Keep telling it ;-) – d

    • Thanks dominic! I am more silent with talk now than ever; and thoughts are still here of course… we know all about that…. and sometimes I feel the same: Ugggh! Hahaha! Life! Love to you, as always…

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