You are Innocent

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… as innocent as a white piece of paper. You are not bad and wrong. And this is easily checked. Look. 

Is badness actually a thing, and is it present? If it is, it will be findable. Look all around inside yourself; where is it?

If you find a thought that says there is badness, it’s but a thought, an idea, perhaps even a deeply held belief. Thoughts are interesting, to be sure, but to what do they actually point? If the thought of a table points to the wooden thing at which meals are taken, it is a legitimate pointer. If a thought points to a unicorn, it’s pointing to an idea, a story, a nothing. And when thought is referring to some sort of existent badness that is actually present, unless there is a lump of it somewhere, it too, points to a nothing. Can you find a lump of badness in yourself? In anyone?

Others have said that you are not innocent, that you are guilty of X,Y, or Z…  Look there, too. Close examination will reveal that a thought, idea or perhaps belief, came out of their mouth as sound. Find the concrete reality of your guilt in that sound, in their thought. Find the lump. Can you?

Is it possible to be actually, concretely bad, non-innocent? Or is it a label, and a judgmental one at that?

So… when we do “bad things”, what does that mean, if there is no such thing as a lump of badness that is real? It means that things happen, behaviors show up, and because there is no inherent “you” (try to find that, the “I”, the “me”) there is nobody home to take the blame. So where, then, does blame go? Nowhere. It’s not anything but another judgment, another idea, given the attention of thinking about it.

You can check that, too. Find a lump of blame. Is it possible to find anything other than a thought that says it’s real?

While you’re at it, do look for that “me”, the self that is assumed to be a little entity inside somewhere, calling the shots. Findable?


Just like badness, unicorn, blame.

It isn’t.

Much love….


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  1. Much love Lisa….

  2. Thank you for posting. Good to see you write and post, again.

  3. Excellent post and very clear pointing!


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