Fire and Ash Revisited


I have been a member of Liberation Unleashed ever since they guided me into my original awakening to truth. We are an active group and our most recent project is to interview those who have seen through illusion with the help of LU guides. I was interviewed and it is now up and ready. This was so fun and such a good way for me to re-visit the last few years. If you want to set yourself on fire this might be the match that does it.

Lisa’s Liberation Unleashed interview is right here.

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    Aloha Lisa, I am interested in talking to you about your experiences. I have been going thru many changes and relate to your sharing in your Blog. I live on maui, is there a way to connect with you, in person, on the phone or email? Please let me know, and Thank you for sharing your experiences they have really helped me. Susan >

    • My plate is very full at the moment, Susan… love it that you are so interested. I HIGHLY recommend Liberation Unleashed for assistance in awakening. And their website is loaded with goodies that point the way, too. I am working on the final editing of a small awakening-101 type book and when it’s ready will be posting here about it. Perhaps that might be something you would find helpful. Thanks for asking…

  2. Thank you Lisa for your openness and honesty here and always. You have helped me greatly by your videos and FB posts. I think because of age and that I was also named Kathleen it’s easier for me to trust that the seeming you and the seeming me are not different or separate. This helps ‘me’ feel/believe/know that one day the notion of this supposed Kathleen will also dissolve as yours/you did. Kay

  3. Dear Lisa,

    your interview did it. It put me on fire indeed and right away I asked for a guide. I first registered in February 2013! Having not read the interview till the end, I asked for you. And it was dear Vince who responded. This was 10 days ago. So much happening here since then. And today I discovered your blog and watched some videos. There is a lot of resonance here and confidence arising as I watch. Especially what you say about the time after “it” seems important. I just wanted to let you know. It feels so mysterious how we can connect this way. Thanks for sharing.

    Vince wants me to concentrate on our exchange, so I just stop here.

    I will sure be back to shower you with more Thank Yous.

    With love from cold old Germany


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