Actor Life … Real Life


What do you intend we see about you? What do you put out as “This is who/what I am”? What is the goal… for us to see you as you are or for us to see what you want us to see? The former is truth the latter is dishonest. It can be very scary to stop spinning stories about oneself and the world but stop we must or we live in lies. It’s that simple.

We are a culture terrified of being seen as we are because we habitually imagine that we are less than, that we are not good enough. Yet when I am busy imagining that there is a right or wrong way to be, I cannot know my true nature. When I am busy defining Lisa and spinning what the world sees, that interior experiencing of what I am in actuality is muddied-over with concepts, shoulds and musts. Crazy making, all of it.

I cling to what I believe is “right”, what I “should” be, when I am scared of being wrong, of being what is imagined I should not be. “Others will know I am not a good person unless I say and do a,b,c... I’ll be revealed as the blackheart I am.” Nope. No one is genuinely a blackheart. And what will show up as this Lisa will show up as it does; that is the absolute nature and grounded given about life: spontaneous seamless appearing, moment to moment. No causes and always as it is meant to be.

Only false thinking that life is showing up wrong, or that shining false stories of Lisa must be spun, can seem to put me and the world into the tiny little boxes of good or bad. Only belief can create the imagining that I actually could be good or bad. I can be neither. I am reality as human. So are you. Good, bad, right, wrong are mind-created ideas. Life does not recognize them.

Rest here. Not with goodness as human, nor badness. Just reality, true nature, which is none of these words we so love to spin around ourselves, words that are not true and never can be. True nature is word-neutral, concept-free; without opinion and judgment either way. It just is, and sees all of life the same.

Rest right here.

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