Everything from Nothing: No More Fight Club

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Awakening is a door. It opens and we cross into a new way of being, one that eventually becomes ordinary, everyday experiencing. I enjoy exploring these new ways of being; an on-going breaking of what is for me new ground far from the place I entered, but somehow still exactly there all the time. This never ceases to amaze… the journey of no distance.

Something that has remained a clear realization each moment during this exploration, and so now seems quite familiar, is the spontaneous seamless appearing of life moment to moment. It first rolled open before me during the initial months of awakening (always on-going, never “done”) and continues to be seen using just a slight shift of attention. Memory does not enter into this. I stop, look and there it is again: the constant fresh renewing of the universe as unbroken singularity, springing up into manifestation. It’s all brand-new as each instantly and constantly reappearing moment.

This is not a visual thing, nor a connection of thought-dots; rather it is a an ever- fresh view or knowing. While there is no longer the huge impact there was once it continues to delight and gently nudge a feeling of security: life has things well in hand.

The implications of this are significant.

Because life is new in each split-second what we consider to be cause and effect is an assumption based on the belief that time is unfolding; that it somehow flows from “earlier”, to “now” and then to “later”. This assuming is so ingrained it is almost never seen or questioned. Yet time actually is not; nor are space, objects, situations or events actual, despite their sensed immediacy.

What is occurring is a built-in perceptual mechanism of the body that allows for “slices” of time and discreet experiences of space, objects and events to be uniquely perceived, and this serves us well. Without it everything would merge together as a single lump; the past, future, all space, all objects and events would be continuously here as the present moment. Imagine a life of that!

And so it is that there is not a something “before” influencing or creating a something “after”; nothing caused by anything previous; no effects which then morph into new causes. Without time, space and objects constantly morphing and flowing in a linear movement, this simply cannot be.

With no causes to make things happen, they simply happen spontaneously each moment and then the next (or don’t), each new and complete; whole. And because there is no person here (no separate self, no me or you) choosing and making decisions (as what is labeled decision or choice is the same spontaneous emerging moment, un-caused) there is also no need for angst or argument over so many things: outcomes, being right, mistakes, optimizing, diminishing, the future, the past… on and on. It’s a long list.

Of course thoughts and feelings that are labeled “concern” over these can still show up. If an action comes that seems to be triggered by something previous (I see situation x, I’m concerned, I do such-and-such) all that need happen is to look closely. Nope, that action was not triggered by the concern that came, nor was the concern triggered by a situation that occurred.

The looking can reveal that

there is not “a this causing a that”.

It only looks that way.

Whatever shows up is ordinarily thought of as having happened in sequence, one after the other, due to our sense of time seemingly passing (as in “passing by”). And it is also thought that the earlier events caused the later ones, which then caused ones even later than those. In other words: it’s natural that we believe it is all causes and effects, as it all seems to actually show up that way, with ramifications then springing out in all directions as well.

But what we are really experiencing each moment is just that… each moment. Brand new. Complete and whole. Nothing before that prompts anything after because there is no before and hence no after. There is only right now.

Sit with this a bit. Can you find anything other than this moment? Is there a past anywhere, with causes? A future with effects? Can any of these ever be found?

Ponder how this lack of time and the resulting lack of cause and effect might create a new view, perhaps a new acceptance of life. If it genuinely were not possible for you to choose which way to go; if each seeming choice, each perceived cause were but life showing up fresh yet again with absolutely nothing being done by you or anyone else, what would drop off your worry list? What would you stop arguing with, fighting against?

If it was deeply seen and known that all of life is always spontaneous and never emerging from human behaviors, would ideas about behaviors change? What if was clearly realized that outcomes do not come from you or anyone else, that only ideas and thoughts about “I created this, you created that and causes bring effects” are what say this is true? Might significant amounts of angst dissolve, drop away?

What I am pointing to is that stressing and fretting about what we see as our decisions and choices is not inherent. Arguing with what life brings is like shaking your fist at the weather; pointless indeed. These are all add-ons. And life can and will function very nicely without them. The reality is this:

Life itself takes care of everything,

down to the most minute of details and up to the largest of imaginables, as it always has. It does this by showing up. That’s it. Life shows up. Worry, argument, stress… none of them required for life to flow and unfold exactly as it is meant to be.

And we experience as we do, believing whatever is believed. Feeling that time is actual or believing that causes create effects is not bad or wrong, just untrue except in thoughts. And it can be hugely unproductive to pretend that you don’t believe those thoughts if you do; to be in denial of your own perceptions and experience. This is why it is important to not take my word or anyone’s in these matters. This is an “Experience it yourself” kind of thing. So look to your own inner knowing. Remember that you are your own best guide to the interior territory and that it can be explored with ease and in-depth. Remind yourself that direct, non-intellectualized experiencings of truth can emerge.

Look, openly and honestly, without attention given to thoughts.

The entire universe happens in a manner totally different from how we’d ever thought it did. And we can know this. All is appearing as it will, right on schedule without a single thing being decided or chosen by a single human anywhere. It can become apparent that it just looks as if we are doing it even though we aren’t; it can be recognized that this includes all things: the disruptive, the mean-spirited, the kind, the loving. They come not as choice (not even the “good” ones) but simply and spontaneously as whatever they are; things happening. All of it just life, as it is. The opportunity to see and understand ourselves and our world in this completely new light is available to all.

And once seen, there is often the emergence of deep, satisfying acceptance of however the “as it is” shows up. No more resistance, no more arguing with life. It is the putting down of our oh so battered fight gloves and walking out of the ring into a new livingness.

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  1. Thank you for sharing some of your insights and realizations. I am reminded of the quote attributed to Socrates: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Sadly, (from one perspective) many are so outwardly focused that they ignore their inner, subjective selves and do not really practice self awareness and the consequent “polishing of the inner mirror of truth.” Yet, (from another perspective) all is well, and as it should be. A place for all things and all things in their place.

    It is a noble endeavor, yours, and thank you again.

  2. Very welcome, mythosophy… I enjoy writing about this.

  3. Love the ‘journey of no distance’ and love how we each share these things that are seen in our own way. When I look I see only this moment, this present always in continual motion. For me it’s not experienced as a fresh, separate, new moment, but as the only moment. There is only this now, continuously moving, never still.

  4. Lovely… I could have been more clear, liberationdiary. I do not experience each moment as brand new, separate and discreet from the previous and the after, I simply see that one moment is not somehow creating the next; kind of like seeing the font from which it springs whenever I look. (It’s like a film; each frame flowing past and it’s obvious that one does not cause the next, that the entirety is all of a piece.) My experience, when I am not looking at this, is much as you describe… only this now, seemingly flowing.

    Thanks for getting in touch. :)


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