Beyond Sweet


Well, the river of life is delivering me to so many diverse stops along the shore. Some of them simply would have been unendurable in the past and are now welcomed with gratitude. What made the difference? Cannot point to any single thing but can say that the entire story of this universe is now one of open, free acceptance.

Remember hearing “Life is to be lived, celebrated?” I just never got that as life felt like a lot of pain and bleakness, with intermittent clearing of the clouds that helped with continuing forward. Now it’s just “Bring it on. It is all welcome”. And yes, of course there will be more big things. I now see that when they show up, I’ll be right there with them.

This is a natural evolution for me. It’s been three years since the awakening experience began and never was it imagined that this is what could come. It’s been a slow and gradual movement recently, after a year of grief, huge unhappiness and turmoil with the deaths of two beloved family members and the huge legal issues that followed. That period ended abruptly eight months ago. The light was suddenly seen again and just kept deepening. This is beyond sweet. Peace is experienced pretty much continuously and when it is not, it quickly returns. It is a one-eighty for the former Lisa.

Please know, somehow, that this is not exclusive to any particular human, it is the baseline for all. It’s a natural progression that unfolds and is happening in ever increasing numbers. Not experiencing it now? You can.

Look deeply within your own interior and find what is present when all else comes and goes, because everything does come and go except your own true nature. There it is, right there. Your heart of hearts, the peace that prevails.

It is you, as you are and never as you think you are. Take a look right there, at the thoughts that seem to dictate “how it is” concerning everything, but particularly about your own is-ness. The truth awaits only attention. It is your own “beyond sweet” that awaits.

Dive in.

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