Blowing Up Bad and Good

LIfeHow often are you seeing in operation your beliefs of things being right-wrong/good-bad? Most of us take a position on that continuum of assessment regarding everything that comes our way. “That’s right”, “That’s wrong” and “This is good, that is bad” are so much a part of our thoughts and words, and often so automatic, that they are often barely noticed.

It’s considered normal, this belief in the innate rightness or badness of everything from our own interior condition to the state of the world. It is believed factual that most everything is one or the other. But is it justified?

Is the assigning of a built-in, intrinsic rightness/wrongness to all we experience or see in life accurate? Is it correct and true to say that things actually are good or bad in some foundational and non-changeable manner? That things come with those attributes somehow built-in?

It is definitely what we do and it is definitely deluded. Why? Because in the commitment to the good/bad continuum we lose sight of naturally occurring balance. And without that we are imagining fantasy to be reality.

Natural balance shows up all the time, everywhere. It is not created; not an equilibrium brought about by x-percent of badness and y-percent of goodness jockeying for dominance. It is not a constant reshuffling of right things and wrong appearances so that a certain order is maintained between the two.

Instead, natural balance is a constant presence of life emerging without right/wrong, goodness/badness as inherent qualities built into any of it. Natural balance needs no adjustment. Imbalance cannot happen. All of life’s appearances are simply empty of inherent right and wrong; no tweaking necessary to maintain this. It just is. Constantly occurring balance is always in play so there is no good stuff to toss at the bad stuff as neither is present. Only life and all that it is, as it is, is present. Any qualities, characteristics and attributes are simply of the physical variety: tall, short, hot, cold, blue, green, smooth, sharp. Can good and bad be amongst those?

The qualities of right and wrong we imagine intrinsic to any and all things have but a false reality, one that appears only in our thinking. Life does not contain these ideas as content within any of its appearances. Life is a naturally balanced occurrence, containing no inner attributes of rightness/wrongness, goodness/badness. Everything of life is inherently equal; appearances empty of all but their physical characteristics (and even those empty; but that is another post). Only believed thoughts say otherwise.

The idea of a rightness/wrongness imbalance springs from imagining that human designations of intrinsic value or goodness/badness, projected onto particular things, are correct. They are not. They are just that: projections. They are opinions imagined as truth. Because of these imaginings the world is seen as lacking balance when in fact it is everywhere.

Natural balance is obscured by the notion held by most that only one end of the right/wrong continuum is worthy; indeed, by the notion that the continuum actually is in existence and is to be honored and adjusted when needed. We imagine that it is up to us to fix what life has presented on a silver platter! This comes from the idea that only what is assumed good is valuable, that what is deemed bad is less so. This leads to natural balance remaining unseen. When it is not recognized that neither end of the continuum is genuinely true we flounder in artificial and erroneous beliefs of needing to fix; we try to enhance and eradicate.

This is not about convincing you there should not be desires and preferences, that taking a stance or an action is unnecessary or futile. Nor that both ends should be equal in our perception of them. Natural balance simply highlights good and bad as not intrinsically within anything at all. Right and wrong are our ideas. They trigger erroneous evaluations. We give credence to phantoms.

As always, don’t believe any of this. Look for yourself. An effective inquiry might be to look very carefully at objects, events, situations, actions. Can any concrete quality or characteristic that contains goodness or badness be found in them other than in your thought of it? Can any be located that indicate intrinsic wrongness or rightness? Look at how opinion and thoughts about these can say yes or no to the questions. Then let those beliefs pass by. What remains? The thing as it is. No imagined add-ons.

Moving further, we can develop the habit of acceptance of life and its appearances as they are; even the embracing of them. Why do this? Because it feels better than resistance of reality. Because it is more realistic. What is present is present. Period. Fighting this fact is not only futile, it’s painful. And dropping belief in inherent right and wrong within life’s presentations assists with dissolving resistance.

Accepting life as it is does not imply that we condone hurtful behaviors in others and ourselves or imagine that things that feel loving and joyful are to be dismissed. It does not mean that we cannot move towards what appeals and avoid what does not. It means seeing that nothing comes with built-in qualities that have the power to attract or repel. Value and attraction or repulsion are human generated. Yes, even spontaneous liking or disliking, wanting and rejecting, valuable and worthless responses are a result of human thinking and never originate in the thing around which we have the thoughts and feelings.

It can never be known how or why life shows up as it does. We can only know that it simply does. We have to work from that moment forward. A seemingly discreet and particular “something” is present and right there in the noticing of it we can either attach our ideas about its value, rightness and innate attributes or we can simply acknowledge that it is present as whatever it is.

So give it a go. Look. Ponder. The world-as-it-is awaits. It is right/wrong-neutral and ready for you to like and dislike however you wish, without embracing false thinking that says it is as you believe it to be. It isn’t. What a blessing!

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  1. The profound neutrality……..

    It just is.


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