Becoming Sky


How many soul’s dark nights are enough? How often? Once a year, twice a week? All day every day? What does it take for us let go of the beliefs and attitudes we cherish because clinging to them all our lives has built a false feeling of security and safety? We know, in our heart of hearts, that this is a reaction to fear, don’t we?

Not wrong to do this and at some point if we want the final and forever security of living in our true nature as peace we will have to release it all… release everything we thought of as ourselves and our lives, our truths and our lies. This is so tough to think about and if my experience is any yardstick, the toughest and most frightening thing that can ever actually be done. But do it we must or there will be only the continuation of dark nights within and then projected without.

Let’s do it. We can. How? Looking into the interior. Radical, 1000% honesty that burns down the house and all its contents. Lies and half-truths keep us scared and suffering. Seeing what is really there to be seen takes us out of that dark seething pit and into the clear cool sky…

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  1. Hugzzzz Kealoha !


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