Lisa has passed away


Beloved Lisa

It is with such great sorrow that I’m writing this post.  I am Sifan Kahale, Lisa’s spouse.

Friday, April 10th sometime in the night/early morning, Lisa passed away in her sleep from a heart attack.  She had always said she wanted to die in her sleep, being cuddled by me.  She got her wish.

The night before, when she went back to take her shower, she asked me if I was coming to bed too.  When I said yes, she exclaimed “Yayayayayay, I can’t wait for cuddles tonight”!

We were so very close, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We tightly cuddled each other every night for the entire time we have been together.  I’m also a very light sleeper and am awakened by almost any sound or her movement.  So I can confirm that Lisa passed away vary peacefully and quite.  It was at 6:20 that her body rolled over onto me that I knew something was wrong.

I gave mouth to mouth, called EMC and gave CPR until they came.  But she had passed away a while before she rolled onto me.

Sifan & Lisa at Chonburi

Sifan & Lisa at Chonburi

Such a beautiful, strong and powerful person.  She had so many daemons from her past that she was fighting.  She had overcome the last one just the week before and her awakening and life was starting to blossom.  These struggles are what gave Lisa these powerful abilities to see clearly, to forgive and at the same time to speak her truth without excuses.   Everyone saw a very kind and loving person.

So many people have commented on the huge difference she has made in their lives.  More than a thousand people have posted or left comments for her.  A typical post says they don’t shed tears for the people in their life that has passed – but here is a woman they have never met in person and they are balling their hearts out for Lisa.  Lisa has that kind of effect …

As is the case almost all of the time – Lisa aspired to be what she was  – but never saw that she was actually there.  She was the person she was trying to be.  I had told her this many times, tried to point out the love others had for her and the respect they held for her.  Again, part of her childhood conditioning, derived from some horrible events in her childhood prevented her from accepting herself and these comments were not understood.

Just weeks ago, the little girl inside her that was traumatized way back then, was finally able to leave her dark cave and instead inhabit a beautiful bright girls room filled with dolls and toys and happy colors.  Lisa’s deepest parts had finally been rescued.  She related this to me a number of times along with a joy of moving past probably the most intense part of her life.

It was all of these trials that forged Lisa.  What you experienced in Lisa is a triumph of life succeeding where others would have been drowned.  Her beauty, her personality, her insights and talents to write and help others find their path all are attributed to her struggles.  These are what forged her and allowed her to give us light.

Her intensity for awakening was so inspiring.  Her ‘Sharing Joy’ video is probably the most open and free expression of her spirit and of her awakened self.  When she first crossed that gateless gate – this is how she was  – for days.  She is so precious ….

My love, my kealoha, your presence is felt, your love will also surround me.  I know you are at peace and are what you strived for – at one with the nothingness, which is everything.  I feel her surrounding me, others have stated the same for them.  She is here, everywhere.  And that is something, along with her life and being, that I am in celebration of.

Something Lisa always said and I also felt and would echo back to her:  “I love you more than I loved you yesterday.  And yesterday I had loved you the very most I ever could.  How can our love keep growing, growing beyond what I ever thought possible, growing beyond what I thought was the most I could ever love.  Yet here I am – I did it again!”

There are so many memories I want to try to get down on virtual paper – I will post those over on my blog “Sifan’s Journey”.  But here’s one:  every time I come home – every time – I would stand on the lower step into our house, close my eyes and pucker my lips.  Lisa would come out and kiss me, then we would come into the house and hug.   Every time ….  I am still doing that and can feel her especially during those moments now.

My dearest Keahlo, I love you sooo deeply.  I miss your physical touch so intensely…  In what ever you are going through right now, don’t be scared, be assured I am here, loving you forever and giving you comfort in what ways I can.  You have heard me tell you “I am here” so many times – and you know I am and you have taken comfort and relief from that.  Please hear me now my love, I am here, always will be.  And I know and feel you as well.

Forever cuddles my love – forever …..

With the greatest love (and cuddles) ever,

Your kealoha, Sifan


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  1. Hello Sifan,

    Sorry to hear that Lisa is now absorbed in Consciousness eternally! Words, spoken or written, spoil IT, the Truth! Please take care!

    Best regards,

    Gilbert Chen

  2. Journey in Peace and Love dear Lisa…Sending the energy of strength, love and comfort for you dear Sifan..bless you and your journey..Namaste’

  3. Thank you, Sifan, for your message. I am glad you and Lisa were present for each other in Love. That Love will continue.

    I truly enjoyed being a follower of Lisa’s writings and insights. I will miss them.

    Best Wishes, Thanks again,


    • Mahalo mythosophy, this was the most awesome love I have every witnesses – so hard. She is all around, that love continues…

  4. I’m sorry to hear that Lisa has passed away. I wish you much strength for the coming time. I’m glad to read that you can feel her presence. That sounds comforting.

    I’ve read some parts of your blog and Lisa’s interview at Liberation Unleashed, and , wow, what an amazing, extraordinary journey you both had! I’m glad that you are around here to share it with us.

  5. Sending you much aloha….I’m so very sorry to hear your news. Please take care of yourself.
    Blessings to you, Lynn in Oregon

  6. Coming up the mountain, back up to the home Lisa and I shared, I was suddenly ‘hit’ with an awareness from Lisa …. the little girl that I mentioned that was in that cave and then was in her beautiful room, is not out of her room, playing in the sand with her brother that passed away last year and their mother (who passwed away 2 yrs ago) is in her beach chair watching them. Lisa is now free, outside and giggling in the wind!

  7. I just found out about Lisa. Landed here to see she is gone. Sorry for your loss.

  8. OMG, sorry for yours and our loss. I just found LU and Lisa (bet she came to me in that special dream I had just before finding LU) and have already down loaded one of Lisa’s videos to study more deeply. When I read that Lisa passed over on April 10, I almost broke down in tears! Lisa’s ability to speak of her own experiences and a horrible past is extremely useful even if rare. I leaned to speak of my horrible past and a huge sea of buried and bottled up damaged feelings at 12 step sharing meetings so it’s refreshing to find someone like Lisa who is willing to use “I” statements in speaking of her own painful life and experiences. So many others offer speeches and “you” statements which is more about their SHAME than genuine sharing. I will always cherish Lisa’s open and friendly sharing and giving of her own process. Respectfully yours, jim

    • Mahalo Jim, Lisa was always up front yet accepting. She was forged in those painful life experiences and accepted them without shame. She owned them and saw them for what they offered her and their ability to grow her. “Everything is a pointer” she would say – a pointer to something that needed to be pondered. It was there for a reason.

  9. Oh dear, so sorry to hear of your lost. Mine too.
    I’ve always enjoyed listening to Lisa and will always be grateful she shared her self realization insight on videos. I am so appreciative she made those beautiful videos for sharing, for which I benefit immensely and will treasure those in my memories for the rest of my life.
    She has gone no where except back to her true nature, boundless consciousness.
    I will miss you dear Lisa.

    Much love to you sifankahale and take care.

    • [Sifan] Thank you! Today is the 7 month anniversary of Lisa’s passing. It will always feel like yesterday.

      She wrote a book that is getting close to being published. I’ll post on her blog site when that is ready.

  10. I’ve been watching Lisa’s videos for the past 3 nights. She is the angel that got “me” to that final place of getting “it”. I just had a random thought I wanted to msg her on YouTube only to see a comment saying she’d passed on.
    She was the cherry on my enlightenment cake if you like. And will forever be in my thoughts as a part if “my” life that gave me that final push into reality.
    Sorry for your loss but if there’s anyone best equipped for what comes after all this I think it’s Lisa. Peace and light xxx


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