Lisa Kahale

Aloha! Here’s what I have to say about what’s happening, all of it based on direct experience that I then muddle through into words for others. If you find this useful, then Yay! If not, there are so many awakening ones now sharing that I’m betting you will find some words you click with.

Hope you are having a luscious life, too. Thanks for stopping by.

Much Love,


Postscript:  This is Sifan Kahale, Lisa’s spouse.  Lisa passed away Friday morning, April 10, in her sleep.  She always said she wanted to die in her sleep being cuddled by me.  She got her wish.  Her presence is deeply felt.  She had a huge impact on everything she was in contact with and all that she reached out to.  Be in peace my love ….


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  1. Hi John.. thanks for the offer. My blog is currently a bit full of recommendation sites, and I’m not adding any others.

    Thanks for the ‘elegant site’ reference to mine. Sweet.

    Best, Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Are you okay if I translate your posts in french (I also translate Lori-Ann) and put it on my blog :
    And if you are okay do you want I send you the translations?

    • Aloha Christine… Well Yay! Please translate and post.. there is delight here about that. Lovely that you are posting Lori’s blog, it’s terrific.

      I would like to view the translation, yes. The process fascinates me (translating) and there might be ways for me to assist, which I would enjoy. Sound OK? I will email you from your blog, Christine.

      Love to you, too…

  3. Lisa,

    I didn’t know you had a blog. And such a visually nice one at that.
    Elegant is the word that comes to mind.
    Thank you for doing this. Definately interested in reading all that’s here.

    your buddy,

  4. Hi Lisa,
    I have added a link to you in the side bar of my blog, under the heading ‘Of related interest’.
    ~ Paul

  5. Hi Lisa,
    I finally found time to have a good look around your blog. I really relate to what you say about the way your awakening is unfolding, which seems very similar to what I experienced after my own realization. Looking forward to reading more. :)
    ~ Paul

  6. Dear Soul SiSTAR Lisa:

    I never seem to be able to respond to your messages so I came here….just to let you know how I appreciate who you are and all you do. I especially resonated with your most recent post “Enlightenment in a Box: Yay or Nay?” This is so true for me and so important that we pass this type of personal information on to others. There’s no history book to learn from here….heaven forbid we’ve done that. So as agents of change we should each step forward into our true BEingness and BE a light for others. You do this sooooo well. I always look forward to your posts.

    Sending Bright SMILES :):):); Warm HUGS ((())) and Much BIG Love,
    Michigan, USA

    • Thank you, Cindy! We are all in this together, that’s for sure. I have gotten so much from others who are willing to share, and it’s all so good. Thanks for your support. Big love in return… :)))

  7. hI..CAME ACROSS YOU lat week and listened to the youtube your terms im at the gate, knocking, reading about the ways in, sometimes im inside, then im out knocking again,,,nice to hear from one so clear and inspiring about the process…thank you…please keep talking…jack

  8. Thanks, Jack…. happy to oblige… :)


  9. Hello Lisa. Thanks for doing this. I just recently stumbled upon a video of you and was really touched, in a profound-subtle sort of way. I followed from there to your blog. Really glad that you are sharing in these ways. Very grateful. Kind of wish I could connect with you one-one-one. I’ve been feeling for quite some time like I’m sleep-walking through the world and it’s driving me nuts. Driving who nuts? Hmmmm… no answer comes. I just joined LU, are you active there?

    For now I guess I’ll just watch some more of your videos…


    • I am intermittently active at LU. I’m very glad to hear you joined! Thank you for the support here and for the videos… it is truly good go know that others enjoy them. I bet your sleepwalking gets cleared up…. :) Love to you!

  10. Lisa, glad to hang with you here. Use to stay on Maui, if I ever make it back there would be lovely to share a chai (or other drink of your choice!). Shanti and ALOHA! kai

  11. Lisa,
    Is this the only way to contact you? I watched a couple of your videos and really like “you” :) I am going to read more and see if I call up the moderate amount of courage required. This may sound “smartalicky” but I really am serious. How do I call up courage if I’m not really here? Who would be doing that? I am confused already.

  12. Courage, like everything else in life, just shows up, Linda. It isn’t really due to “no you” to do it. It just happens, the same way rain comes down, stars shine, thoughts appear. Everything is spontaneous rather than created or conjured. Good luck! :)

  13. Even “good luck” just shows up spontaneously and seamlessly. ‘The only “thing” is not’ is to ask “what am I? Is there an actual and personal I somethere?” and look for “where is this I?” and see (recognize) “there is no I!”

  14. Hi Lisa I love listening to your youtube clips I would love to beable to see through this self stuff. I was also interested on the comment you made of the video about the world/ planet you said that’s your favourite video . Is there any way I can watch that video? Thank you love Mary x

  15. Hi Mary and thanks for the kind words. I am not at all sure which video you mean here… I would point you to it if I knew what I meant when I said that! :)
    If you want to work with someone to “see through this self stuff”, go to Liberation Unleashed on the web. Lots of great volunteers there who have seen through the myth of the “I” and want to assist others to do the same. Big hugs…. Lisa

  16. “luscious life”

    Luscious is one of my favorite words. The very feeling of it in the mouth evokes something tasty and rich that must be savored.


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