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Welcome to chronicles of living with day-to-day awakening to ultimate Reality. Seems there is a constant deepening awareness of what is vs. what isn’t. In honor of that showing up as Lisa, here’s the blog!

There are writings, links, videos (some of me), and more. The entire spectrum of awakening to/in/as Reality is completely compelling, and it is very clear that just by letting things happen (which is what they’ll do anyway) all will be well and quite possibly very, very interesting.

So come along with me, if you’d like. Company is very welcome.

Much love,



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  1. Another buddy in the vastness !
    Welcome !
    Thanks for the link.
    I will put ONE SPACIOUSNESS on SIAOF blogroll.
    Kind Regards,

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I just watched your videos. They’re great; you seem very stable in your awakening, and explain things nicely :)

  3. Peter Darwin

    Lisa Kathleen,
    So de-Lighted to meet in this mysterious life-wide web of Consciousness and Joy. Enjoying your web site very much, so want to pause and say “thanks”!
    And invite you to join (if you haven’t yet) the sharing at Peter Dziuban’s site http://www.consciousnessisall.com His book by the same name is uniquely wonderful, to.
    Peace and Joy,

  4. Lisa Kathleen

    How can you be contacted? I do not see a way to do this anywhere. I would like guidance in waking up.

  5. Hi Barb…. great! Here’s where to go http://liberationunleashed.com/ . These wonderful volunteers have helped hundreds wake up. Best of luck… big hug… :)

  6. Hi Lisa
    Enjoyed watching your vid. tremendously.
    You’re are so bubbly that it is contagious. It gives me great joy just watching you.

    However, may I ask a few complex questions, if you don’t mind?

    1) If everything produces by thoughts is not real, then logically speaking there can be no such thing as personal responsibility or accountability as right and wrong are just illusions of the mind. If that being so, why does Awareness (true natural self) need to experience in various modulated forms being murdered, raped, paedophilia intention, all those nasty and evil things perpetrated by doers or even experienced by victims.
    The Absolute-self is the observer of all atrocities, violent, killing, evil actions etc yet there is no real doers and receivers of these actions right? It is just experiencing experienced by the doers or receivors right? So, how come people are manifested in different geographical locations and circumstances – some into fortunate environment while others into totally deprived environment. Why are some born blind, limbless, etc while others are normal?
    Who decides their incarnation or birth, their fate and destiny?
    Is that also illusion; and every human birth in whatever condition/environment is but a hazard chance of luck?

    2) Last but not least, if the Absolute-Self is inherent in every one of us (and everything animate and inanimate as well) then if that self-realisation is not attained during one’s lifetime is that realised by default upon death? The question being: how crucial is it for a human being to achieve enlightenment before death, or is awaken guaranteed upon death?
    If as I imagined, self-realisation cannot be achieved by non-living organism ie cannot be realised upon death, what impact does that hold for unawakened departed souls?

    I am trying to make sense why people are obliged by law and society to be upright,moral and generally do good and be good when everything is but an illusion; and when there is no personal responsibility or consequences to be faced beyond this life.

    Thanks very much in advance for any answers you can provide. If not possible, I will fully understand.

  7. Hi Swee Hee… thanks for the kind words. Apologies for taking so long to get back to you.

    You ask pertinent questions and each one could trigger pages of response. But let’s just cut to the chase, at least the chase as I see it.

    There is the apparent dichotomy here of 3-dimensional life and the ultimate mystery that is at one with that life. In the end it is not at all two, but a singularity that is without subject/object and is itself neither nor both. We cannot experience the mystery as that calls for subject/object awareness, but despite it’s illusory nature life as we know it is very much seeming to be experienced.

    All of your questions arise out of a desire to connect cause to effect, thought to creation and the idea of an ultimate observer as the source of it all. None of these things are possible; not answers to the questions, not the connections and certainly no observer or ultimate awareness.

    This is entirely unsatisfactory as a response until one’s understanding undergoes a radical shift. This is because prior to that shift we think about everything which is a profoundly dual experience that reinforces the faux duality of everything about which we think!

    So… in trying to make sense of our world what I have finally come to is what has literally been seen in that radical shift: everything (including time, space, objects, thoughts, feelings) shows up in an apparently experienced seamless spontaneous manner, moment to moment. There is no genuine cause nor observer.

    What to do, how to live? Accept. And then accept the stuff you don’t want to accept. And then accept the resistance to acceptance. This is very simple; not always easy.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity for waxing on about this yet again. My favorite subject.

    My best to you…. Lisa

  8. Hi Lisa, you’ve lit the fuse of the dynamite! Love you!
    Wouter aka Bodhi Ajit (which means Invincible Light of Awareness).

  9. Great! Here’s to explosions…
    Love to you… Lisa

  10. It’s been said before but nonetheless ..there’s nothing to say nor to have to say ..nor anyone to say anything ..when every so-called thing is changing moment to (so-called) moment .


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