Here are the posts, in chronological order, telling the ‘story’ of how things are unfolding here.

New Nows  1-2-2012  Realization of no ‘self ‘

Enlightenment Not  1-5-2012  No-self’ does not necessarily = complete awakening;  Video: Liberation Unleashed, “‘No Self, Look”

Begin Again  1-13-2012  Official start of new blog; video: LisaK during an awakening direct experience

One Story at a Time  1-17-2012  Description of one of things that now seems so different

Totally Naked Truth  1-19-2012  How tripping over communications can help in communication!

Letting Be   1-26-2012   More about life without an ‘I’

More Naked  1-29-2012  A communicational experiment… more honesty cooked up

There Rides the R Train  2-4-2012  Trains of Thought and awakening

Hold Pen, Write Words  2-15-2012  Digging for the core stuff

She’s Not There  3-11-2012  The missing I

Meltdown, the Recipe  3-14-2012  Home experiment in becoming

Being Neo  3-19-2012  Losing yourself to find yourself

In the Belly of Being  3-24-2012  Another version of  ‘on fire’

From Fire to Flight   4-9-2012   The phoenix once more;  Video: Lisa, “No Self Means Only One Here”

Missed, Until It’s Not   4-17-2012   In plain sight!

Fundamentally Not Me  4-19-2012  What’s left, after me exits; Video: LisaK, “What Wakes Up?”

Home  5-15-2012  At last, the waters crossed

Nothing Other  5-23-2012  Synopsis of awakening ‘process’

Natural, Normal and Everybody’s Favorite: Suffering  6-12-2012  The 2 kinds of contemporary humans and the 1 biggie of living

Dive Into It  6-17-2012  When those REALLY sticky things come up, there’s only one solution, and it involves swimming. Video of LK included

Reality, Right?  6-21-2012  The fundamental thing that interests.  LK video on the same. 6-24-2012  Wherein recapping of recent stuff and stating of current stuff takes place

Pointers to Truth   6-24-2012  Wherein recapping of recent stuff and stating of current stuff takes place

Enlightenment in a Box: Yay or Nay?  6-26-2012  We limit ourselves when we put boundaries on our awakening

Portable Pointers  8-18-2012  Liberation Unleashed has a free downloadable app for iPhones and Windows PC

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